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it? >> we survived because of things like medicare and medicaid and the veterans administration. sean: social security is bankrupt. we have got to run. we are out of town this evening. thank you all for being with us. we tossed into greta his standing by to go onç the recod -- weç toss it to greta who is standing by to go on the record. greta: rush limbaugh is not happy about it. rush limbaugh in his own words, next. and senator tom daschle got bumped from the cabinet for tax problems, so why is he often at the white house with president obama? we will tell you what senator daschle says, and is something of a little bit too cozy going on? and our national debt is spiralling out of control, and getting worse by the second,
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literally exploding, but there is something you do not know. caution. your head might explode when we tell you this, but, first, we are not surprised president obama needs a vacation. the town hall meetings. >> we could have a high school debating team come up with a better bill than this in 30 days. >> legislation is going to cost more than $1 trillion. how are we going to afford that? >> might out of pocket costs -- my out-of-pocket costs. greta: councilwoman maxine waters just had a town hall, and there was some name-calling. >> we are going to do everything
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that we can to organize -- neanderthals ççwe are going to say to prest obama, "we want you to use every weapon in your basket." greta: we invited congresswoman waters on the show, and she declined our offer. however, rush limbaugh is not keeping quiet. >> she is calling conservatives names. she is talking in democrats, democratic neanderthals -- she is talking democrats. that would be an insult it should call me a neanderthal. being called a neanderthal by maxine waters is [laughs] -- i would just laugh.
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why is that? the pot calling the kettle black or vice versa? then she really launches into rahm emanuel and the blue dog democrats in the house. greta: then, there was this emotional woman at a town hall meeting that was raised by senator coburn. >> my husband has traumatic brain injury, and his health insurance will not cover him. [sobbing] and what i need to know is if you are going to help him so that he can even drink? when we left the nursing home, he had a feeding tube. i am not a professional. i try to get him to eat and drink. çgreta:ç senator tom coburn js
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us live. senator, is there something we can do to help this woman? how do you respond to this? >> well, sure, we can help her, but, remember, the first obligation is for her neighbors and us to help her here in oklahoma, and we need reforms, and we are going to get reforms, but the answer is not having the government in control of those reforms, so she, immediately -- i invited her up to our office, and the case worker is working with her, and we will help her. one of the things that makes our country great is that we should be helping the people around us rather than transferring this to the government. the government is never compassionate, and that lady got everybody's heart, and they will help her. that is without a government program. greta: obviously, the word
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"lucky" is not be worth listening to this woman, but the fact that you had a town hall meeting gave her the opportunity to get the attention of you and everyone in the community, but there are a lot out there who cannot make it to your town hall meeting. they may live in the far regions of oklahoma or live in a state where they are not having town hall meetings. what do you suggest? >> well, what i do not suggest is taking what is good and great about our health-care system and tearing it down in the name of fixing the areas where it is not good, and what i think is in front of us is violating the first both of medicine, whichç is the first is to do no harm, and that is not to deny the recognition that we have significant problems in terms of competitiveness and cost in our country, but what keeps away access is cost, and when we
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spend too much and not get enough value for what we are spending, to say that we need to spend more money is the wrong answer. what we need is to get far greater value for the health- care dollars that we are spending, and we need a compassionate response that is never going to work for a bureaucracy, and we need to take care of the people who really need us, but that is not a federal-got an obligation, and we do a pretty good job of it in oh, -- but that is not a federal-government obligation, and we do a pretty good job of it in oklahoma. greta: we took a trip to my home town in wisconsin, and they have reduced their costs 25% in one year, which is extraordinary. are you telling me -- maybe this hospital is just an anomaly, but can we become more efficient to
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reduce the costs tremendously in this country without jeopardizing care? >> yes, i think we can. remember, we have a set up a system where we do not pay for outcomes. what we pay for is procedures, and what we need to do is incentivize the care of the chronically ill. we need to incentivize people so they do not become chronically ill, and if we do that, that is where the money is. we spent most of our money on chronic diseases, and we know it works because we have had severalç models that have done in the private sector where they have absolutely cut costs, or have reduced it where they are not growing at all, over the last four or five years, and i am talking about actual incentives, and we incentivize management and care of chronic disease, and what we know is that the costs are going to fall, and we have got 16% of our
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cause, greta, that are associated with defensive medicine and tort -- 16% of our costs. then, more is for lack of payments from medicare and medicaid. i am still practicing as a u.s. senator, and on many mornings, i still practiced as a doctor because it allows me insight into the problems that we are facing as a country in terms of health care. greta: why is it when the republican party held all of the power in this city, the republicans did not take a run at health care? >> the better question is why they did not reduce the size and scope of the federal government when they had the run of the city, and that is why you are seeing the outcome, and the thing that worries me the most, and i will answer your question in a moment, the thing that worries me the most is that they think this is contrived. it is not. there is very deep concern in
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this country that any government-run health-care program and changes -- you call it exploding, and, in fact, everything that has been put on the table that we have seen other than the bills that myself and several other republicans said introduced increases the cost of health care rather than lowering it -- other than the bills that myself and several other republicans have çintroduce"ç. they did not take advantage of any of the opportunities they had to make big changes, and they should have, but they did not. greta: all right, to all of those out there that are critical of people who go to town hall meetings and get very passionate, i imagine you see lobbyists going up and down the hall, lobbying on health care. do you see citizens? i take it they are not allowed
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to come to washington and lobby like that. >> i disagree. first of all, we pay a lot more attention to what we did in the mail and email from our constituents than we do from lobbyists, at the reason is that they are the people who put you in office, and they are the people that you serve, but you have a dual obligation. you have to represent the interests of your constituency, but you also have to fulfill your oath of office, and we are tapped out as a nation, and one of the reasons that we are tapped out -- if you look at medicare and medicaid, but a viable programs today, they are very inefficient. medicare has at least $80 billion worth of fraud every year. that is a full 20% spent on medicare that goes to fraud, and medicaid is even worse, and we do not know because many states are not reporting their medicaid
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fraud. even though there are well intended, and they are helping people, we ought to think about how we get better value for that money and less money going out of the door, and i think those are all solvable problems, and what the president needs to do is to sit down and lead, rather than to have billsç that misrepresent what he says he greta: thank you, senator. >> you are welcome, greta. god bless you. greta: up next, members in the bush administration being investigated by the obama administration. we will tell you. and tom daschle and something he has been doing very quietly at the white house. you might think this is lousy. and one of the jonas brothers has something to talk about, and we will lead nick explain it
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute greta: the battle just got a little bit worse today. today, the white house released part of the classifieds, now declassified, report about prisoner abuse. a detainee allegedly threatened with a gun and a power drill. meanwhile, across the potomac, at the justice department, the attorney general launched a preliminary investigation to see if crimes were committed by interrogators. as you can imagine, lines were being drawn in the sand here in washington. as a congressman joins me. this is the talk of the nation today, or, at least, the talk of washington.
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it is a preliminary investigation to see whether or çnot there should2be an investigation or even a prosecution. >> this is really a time for the president to start showing some leadership. the attorney general is now freelancing. the president has for months been saying that we need to look forward, we need to look ahead, i do not want to look back. leon panetta, the director of the cia, supposedly has threatened to quit. you have nancy pelosi saying that the cia lied, that they like all of the time, and the most important thing is we still have men and women in combat. things in afghanistan are not going well. just when we need a strong cia to give our men and women in the field, the kind of intelligence they need to stay safe and to defeat our enemy, it appears that different parts of our administration are attacking the very organization that we need to keep america safe.
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these are not new allegations. we had these reports in 2004, 2005. eric holder wants to go over old ground. this ground has been gone over before. it is not time to reopen the book on this. greta: we want a strong cia, but is not a strong cia a cia that follows the laws or policies as set by the united states? >> that is not a devil's advocate. that is the role, to define the box that the cia has to operate within legally, and these have been reviewed by the justice department over the last years. this ground hasç been goneç or both by congress and by the justice department. greta: all right, well, let me have some more fun with you. you are telling us to trust congress, and that is the congress that people at town hall meetings are angry at
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because they think that we are having things crammed down our throats. why should we trust them on the cia and not trust them on health-care reform? >> that may be a good question. what would you go back over this ground? it was not just the congress that has gone over this ground -- why would you go back over this ground? eric holder has been looking at this or seven or eight months. now, he says he will appoint somebody to do a preliminary investigation. all of this time, we are creating confusion and uncertainty within the intelligence community. if eric holder believes that the bush administration and these other folks made mistakes, go ahead, eric, and do it, but the other thing is, greta, what damage are we doing? there are people on the ground in afghanistan that need a good
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intelligence. i am not telling to give the cia pass. greta: i want a strong intelligence. i want our country to be safe. i wantç them to do it right,çt if there is so much mystery as to what is right and what was done and what was not done, how does that jeopardize it? maybe there is a legitimate part dewitt. how this finding out what was right and what was not right hurt us -- maybe there is a legitimate part to it. we did not get it. maybe the congress got it. the american people have not gotten it. you tell me that congress had it and that it has been gone through, that the justice department had it and that it has been gone through. this is what i did. i get pieces of paper where everything is blackens out. tell me. that looks more suspicious than anything -- where everything is
1:19 am
blackened out. that is another page. you say that we have gotten it. i do not know that we have. >> well, greta, you cannot take the work of the intelligence community and declassify all of the information. somewhere along the line, you have got to have respect that they are going to carry out the responsibility that they have been given. these reports, if you do not trust government, you are right. greta:ç çcongressman, i do not mean to cut you off, and i understand that a lot of this has to be classified. i am not a crazy person, but with so much information, and with people having all of their imaginations running, i just think if we could get this done, that would be great. >> the intelligence committees on both the house and senate committees, in 2005 and 2006,
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they agreed that this would be handled administratively through the cia. the justice department professionals who went through it said this could be handled administratively. administratively. greta: you have the last word o introducing the all new chevy equinox.
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greta: well, he did not pay his taxes. he got caught when president obama nominated him to his cabinet. senator tom daschle was picked by president obama to be the health and human services director. he withdrew his name after the tax issue. you might think that senator daschle would go away, but not so fast. he still has a role, and is it fair, and is it transparent? david, a writer from "the new york times" joins us. i read your article, and almost fell over. he still has a role in health- care reformçç. >> yes, he still talks to be president. when he left the senate, i think he decided that health care is going to be for him what the environment was for al gore, and
1:24 am
even though he did not get to the health and human services secretary, he kept plugging away. greta: he is going in and out of the white house. he -- what is his job? >> he works for a big law and lobbying firm, and he says he is not a lobbyist. he does not lobby. he does advise on strategy to achieve ends. and he provides some of that same advice to the white house, and that is the interesting part. he is offering free advice to the white house, and viewed from a certain angle, that is a conflict of interest. greta: that is sort of what i unglued me when i was reading your article on sunday. going from his clients to the law firm to the white house,
1:25 am
back from the white house to the law firm. at least if he was admitting he was a lobbyist. >> well, a lobbyist is a legal term. greta: you have to register, tell people what you're doing, andç file reports twice aç ye. >> if you spend a certain amount of time talking to politicians, on behalf of your clients, then you back to do that. greta: but he is calling themselves -- himself a resources. >> -- a resource. >> he has had certain expertise. he will share them with the white house. the time that he has spent with clients and the fact that he gets a paycheck from them, does that somehow influence his thinking? that is hard to tell. at the end of the day, should the administration tried to push for health care reform with an insurance form that can push around the industry, he was or
1:26 am
is in his book. now, he takes a more moderate stance. -- he was for it in his book. there was a co-op plan that senator conrad is proposing, his friend. greta: what about his clients? do any of his clients back at his law firm wanted this? >>-- want this? >> they would certainly prefer to see a co-opçç than a public plan. greta: so when i read your article that he used to before the public plan, and now he is for the co-op plan, and he represents one of the biggest insurance companies, and he is going in and out of the white house -- >> look, united healthcare, i personally think the best way to
1:27 am
go is that plan. that is what he says. what he says to the white house is, "you know what? it is not going to get through the senate? " he and senator dole put together a bipartisan plan, and they announced it in june -- it is not going to get through the senate?" it turns out that it looks more and more like the one that senator daschle and senator dole put together, which means either they are influential or they are prophetic. greta: david, thank you. up next, get out your wallet. how much money do you think we pay to china because of the debt interest? and president obama seems to know a lot about cable news and seems to have a little problem with us, but is president obama blaming the media for his problems? we're out here looking at bones
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>> this is a fox news alert live in new york city. we want to show you the shuttle discovery taking off from cape canaveral in florida. they just scrubbed the mission. we are receiving word that the mission has been scrubbed. we do have a team of fox news correspondents down there. he is going to tell us what this means as far as the launch and win this launch will actually take place. i will hand over to you. >> bank. i am joined by tom jones. there was a 80% chance of a successful weather situation, but in the past hour or so the
1:32 am
weather turned quite dynamic unexpectedly. the issues involved lightning, rain, and the clouds were too low. a few minutes before the scheduled launch, the launch director said the weather is not cooperating. we are going to score of the launch for tonight or this morning. this will mean rescheduling the launch attempt for tomorrow at 1:10 a.m. eastern time. you have been in this situation before review are strapped in and suddenly they ask credit. how does it feel as a crew? >> you are prepared for anything. the disappointment of a said what really gets to you. the rookies get a rehearsal of it. they get another chance to settle the last minute notes they have. they will come back better prepared for the launch tomorrow. >> this happened with the last
1:33 am
launch. we set out here a couple of days as the weather was very dynamic during that time. the afternoon thundershowers really did not materialize too - before the launch. -- nagativelegatively for the l. they thought this weather would dissipate off the coast. >> they thought it would clear out. we had some heavy thunderstorms yesterday, and we thought it had gone out of the area. but we had some ice crystals that could affect the shuttle's ability to come in for an emergency landing. it has changed the -- rather than risk any more problems, they decided to scrub it for the next 24 hours. >> they were going to take a very special treadmill along
1:34 am
with supplies and food on this trip. there was and and and that competition to name a module. they put one at broadcasters name out there. they named the treadmill after him. >> he has is a trademark sticker on there. a mission patch. they will get about two hours of exercise each day because of the treadmill. >> back to you. >> what does this mean as far as the entire mission? i know they are retiring next year 2010 and if we continue to have these delays like last time, what does that mean for the mission as a whole?
1:35 am
>> the final space shuttle mission for the entire program is scheduled to take place next september. to fit into the timetable of wrapping things up in december, they have to launch seven more times. after this one, there'll be six more missions. the current window for this to go off is a five-day window. they have all week to get this shuttle off the ground. the next scheduled mission would be november. as it is right now, the space shuttle mission is 82% complete i believe. it is pretty much on track. just because this is going to be delayed by a day or possible days depending on the weather, everything is still on schedule for the completion of the space shuttle mission.
1:36 am
the obama administration has not decided whether or not to extend for additional missions and allocate the nasa budget. >> will keep a close look on that. you are the guru when it comes to astronauts in space. we know you have been covering this for a long time. we appreciate it. we will be with you tomorrow night as they try to losses again. to wrap it up, nasa has decided to scrub the space shuttle launch today due to weather. stay with us for more of it. >> when you think about it. greta: i do not know how we are going to sustain this. >> we have to pay our bills and cut back on expenditures. greta: china has 1.2 billion to
1:37 am
spend more on health care or whatever you want to spend on. we have gotten into this wild spending spree. we are running up so much debt. we could solve some of our problems at home with some of this money. >> we are just using gargantuan numbers. i said this before. it was fiscal child abuse in the years pre yeavious. greta: the l.a. county coroner has ruled the death of michael jackson a homicide. this is bad news for his personal doctor. according to documents, the day he died, dr. conrad murray allegedly gave michael jackson
1:38 am
drugs to sleep and was there with him when he died. here is a look at what is coming up after this show. >> we will have more on the death of michael jackson. how bad is the obama administration versus fox news? greta: up next, is president obama blaming the media for his problems. what is his problem with the media? we have that report. and couldn't the president soon have some competition on his hand as one person announced he is carol, when you replaced casual friday with nordic tuesday, was it really for fun, or to save money on heat? why? don't you think nordic tuesday is fun? oh no, it's fun... you know, if you are trying to cut costs, fedex can help. we've got express options, fast ground and freight service--
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>> late word from florida's cape canaveral where nasa has decided to scrub the shuttle launch because of the weather. it was supposed to live up at 1:36 a.m. eastern time with a crew of seven astronauts. on a mission to the international space station -- and whether caused a delay -- the weather caused a delay. the death of michael jackson has been ruled a homicide. the associated press reported that the l.a. county coroner's
1:43 am
office determined that he was given a fatal dose of propofol before he died. it could lead to charges for homicide for the doctor conrad murray. now back to greta. greta: the president has dodge the media while on vacation in martha's vineyard. >> dissent as part of the american tradition. what is unproductive is if someone tries to come to a town hall meeting and you cannot ask your question or your mother cannot ask her question because somebody else is yelling. that is what cable tv and the good fight brings to this. we allow cable television to come to town hall meetings and kill health care reform for another year and put the special
1:44 am
introspection charge. greta: it political editor is here with us live. >> it is complicated. sometimes when you help deliver the president's message, he does not like you. if you are not delivering the message he wants -- i think the frustration coming out of the obama administration with the press and the media is that they need someone to blame, and there are not very good candidates out there. greta: he does not like the cut will -- it is not like cable news coming to the town hall meetings but they like going to the networks at night before time before the president. >> let's be fair. the president and his team got such good treatment during the campaign. i think everybody agrees left and right, by the time they got
1:45 am
to the end of this campaign, a lot of the reporters covering obama were so swept up in the history-making moment, and it was good for them and for their careers. they stop along with this very favorable coverage. now it is more complicated. the stories that are being done are harder and tougher. you see it in the alice like the new york times where they are talking about -- you see it in the new york times where they're talking about certain things. greta: the job is to challenge them. it does not mean that we do not admire them or want them to do their jobs well, but it is to challenge them. when they blame the cable news for the town hall, it never occurred to them that it could be the pages of the incomprehensible to document as people's breath up and the fact that people like their insurance and do not -- re -- revved up
1:46 am
and active people like their insurance and do not want it to change could be the reason for the uproar. >> what is most shocking about health care is how intense the feelings are and how much people care. it is not because of what cable news does or what you do. it is because this is an issue that matters to people. by giving a megaphone to those voices, people are talking about it more. i think the big painful moment for this administration is coming to terms with the fact that it is not going to be like it was in the campaign. when the president talked about using certain phrases -- he was saying that people get excited. he said in the campaign when they thought they were going to lose after the pick of sarah palin, we came back and won.
1:47 am
they are still running things in a very campaign mode. the press they had during the campaign was very favorable. robert gibbs is having a pretty rough run. i think a lot of people, reporters do not like to be lectured or told how to do their job, what to cover. he has sort of a scolding tone that he uses with the press. i think it has engendered some bad feelings among the press corps. these are people who traditionally want to give every break an opportunity they can. they think it is a little petulant with him and it is creating an odd relationship. greta: is the honeymoon over with robert gibbs and the press? >> i think the honeymoon has been over quite a while ago.
1:48 am
i think now we are beyond the honeymoon. this is like a trial separation. the numbers are low, the viewers do not just want to see the piece is about obama's new dog or something like that. now that there are substantive policy problems and liberals and conservatives have problems, it is getting tougher. greta: they give. up next, we are about to show you something that has only happened twice in history. the last time was 1927. do you ever get a speeding ticket in try to use an excuse to get out of it? we guess you have never tried this excuse. stick around to find out what it was. and what are you doing in the year 2040? this star has it all planned ou.
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>> here is the best to the rest. check this out. this will probably not happen again soon.
1:53 am
>> runners go. he makes the tag. the ball game is over. greta: that was an infielder for the philadelphia phillies. it was a triple play. it is the only time since 1927 that this has happened in a game. only 15 and a senate -- unassisted triple plays have happened in baseball. he was filling in for the regular second baseman. this is a new approach. police in tennessee say a man who was pulled over for speeding said he tried to get out of the ticket by saying he was with the cia. when police mailed him the ticket, instead of paying the fine, he sent a hand written note saying that he is not subject to speeding laws because
1:54 am
he is the deputy director of the cia. he is not. things got worse for the guy. he was arrested for criminal impersonation. this truly is the best of all. there is a brand-new member of the on the record family. our producer anhas a brand new son. it wasn't easy birth according to jeff -- it was an easy birth according to the producer, jeff. congratulations to the miller family. there you have it. the best of the rest. one more crack round before we turn off the lights. and mark your calendars - . we'll explain next. we'll explain next.
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greta: nick jonas has ambition. a lot of ambition turns out. >> i have always had this dream of becoming president one day. i talk about it a lot. it was cool to see the history and to be in the white house. that was such an honor. we were able to play a set for the obama daughters and some of their friends. it was cool. greta: he's got another 20 or so years before he can run for president. where do you see yourself from five years from now? >> 2040 to be exact. we sell bumper stickers at our concert that says jonas 2040. greta:

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